Terms and Conditions

The present document (together with all the documents mentioned therein) sets out the terms and conditions regulating the use of this site www.gerovital.eu (hereinafter called “gerovital.eu”/”Site”) and order placement using this site (hereinafter called the “Terms”).

Any product or service presented through this Site addresses natural persons who can access them for their own use.
Please read our Terms and Privacy Policy (hereinafter collectively called “Data Protection Policies”) before using the Site. By accessing and using this Site and/or placing an order through the Site, you expressly acknowledge the binding nature of the Terms and Data Protection Policies and undertake to comply with these Terms, as well as with the Data Protection Policies.

If you do not fully agree with these Terms and Data Protection Policies, do not use this Site. We reserve the right to modify these Terms on a regular basis without any prior notification.

If you have any questions about these Terms or regarding the Data Protection Policies, you can contact us at any time at the e-mail address [email protected]

The Contract (as defined hereinafter) may be terminated, if you express your option to this end.

All the terms hereinafter are to be read as calendar days. In case that the last day of the term is a non-working day, the time limit will be extended accordingly until the first subsequent working day.

The site operator www.gerovital.eu is the FARMEC S.A. Company, subject to Romanian law, with registered office in Cluj-Napoca, no. 16 Henri Barbusse Street, Code 400616, Cluj County, Romania, Fiscal Identification Code RO199150, registered with the Trade Register under no. J12/14/1991.

Information or personal data provided by the Client will be processed in compliance with the Data Protection Policies. By using this Site the Client expressly and unambiguously grants its consent to the processing of such information and data and declares that all the information and data provided are true and accurate and that he/she has obtained the prior written consent of the information and/or data subject, if the information and data provided through the Site do not belong to him/her.

By using this Site, the Client undertakes:
To use this Site exclusively to send legit questions
To provide a correct and accurate e-mail address, postal address and/or other contact details. To the same extent, the Client agrees to use this information to contact us any time necessary (please see our Privacy Policy).

Unauthorized attempts of to access the Site, including but not limited to any attempt to access the personal data of another Client, to modify the content of the gerovital.eu site or to alter in any way server performance will be considered fraud attempts regarding the gerovital.eu site and will be reported to the competent authorities, initiating a criminal investigation against the one or those who attempted to act to this end.

By using the contact form or the service available on the site, the Client enables Farmec to contact him/her by any means available, including by electronic means.
The partial or full completion of the contact form and its submission is in no way a commitment of Farmec to contact the Client.

The gerovital.eu site uses its own cookies and cookies by third parties, such as Google, to offer you the best possible experience on the site. The cookies used on this Site offer valuable feedback and insight, helping us in our attempts to improve our online experience.

An “Internet Cookie” is a small sized folder, formed of letters and numbers, which will be stored on the computer, mobile terminal or other equipment of a user that accesses the Internet. This is not a virus and it does not require personal information to be used.

Cookies provide users with a pleasant browsing experience and endorse the efforts of many sites to provide user-friendly services as these sites store important information that improve the Internet browsing experience (for instance, language settings for accessing a site, keeping a user logged in, online banking security, keeping products in the shopping cart etc.)

Certain browsers offer you the possibility to control cookies, by deactivating them. Nevertheless, you should keep in mind that by disabling cookies could also lower the quality of your visits on the gerovital.eu site.
Please see details in theĀ Privacy Policy.

In the event of undesirable/unpleasant side-effects as a result of using the products, please contact the Farmec Quality Control Department, describing the problem in detail, for an evaluation as accurate and relevant as possible from our specialists. To get in touch with these specialists, please fill out the contact form available on the site.

Legal guarantee of compliance
The guarantee conditions comply with Law 449/2003 on the sale of products and their associated guarantees and GO 21/1992 on consumer protection.

In case compliance shortage, it is obligatory to present the non-conforming product in its original packaging, together with all the related accessories, as well as proof of its purchase (copy of the fiscal invoice and the conformity certificate). In case products arrive without such documents, the products can be returned to the applicant/sender without the guarantee being addressed.

This site is protected by copyright.

All content available on the www.gerovital.eu site, including texts, images, graphics, audio and video files, trademarks, service trademarks, industrial designs and drawings, trade names are the solely property of Farmec and cannot be reproduced, modified, transmitted, reused, used, or used publicly or for business purposes without the prior written consent of FARMEC. FARMEC is the only entity with the capacity to use intellectual and industrial property rights as well as related advertising rights, at the same time, not granting any license, any right other than to consult the Site.

Any reproduction or representation, full or partial, of the site or any of the elements that constitute the site, regardless of the support and the form, for other purposes, especially for commercial purposes, is expressly forbidden.

Any authorization request must be sent to the following address: FARMEC S.A. – no. 16 Henri Barbusse Street, Cluj-Napoca. Any unauthorized use, infringement of copyright or other intellectual and industrial property rights may lead to civil or criminal proceedings.

The contract between Farmec and the Client is binding for each party.

The Client may not transfer, assign, strike or alienate in any other way a Contract or any of its rights or obligations arising thereof without the prior written consent of Farmec.

Farmec may transfer, divest and/or subcontract or otherwise alienate a Contract or any of our rights or obligations arising thereof, at any moment and for the entire duration of the Contract. To avoid that any ambiguity, any such transfer, divestiture, encumbrance or other alienation will not affect the legal rights of the Client as a consumer and will not terminate, reduce or otherwise limit any warranty that has been expressly granted to the Client or by default.

Farmec may send you notifications abut company’s activity and about the site gerovital.eu to the e-mail address provided by you in the notification subscription form or by other communication means. Receiving notifications involves selecting the appropriate option by completing a form by the Client using the gerovital.eu Site or via a Farmec/Gerovital promotional page, as well as by unconditionally accepting the Terms, in case such agreement has not been already expressed.

Data from Client for the purpose of sending notifications can and will be used by Farmec within the limits of the Privacy Policy.

The Client may give up to receiving such notifications by using one of the following methods:
a) Using the dedicated link provided in the newsletters.
b) By contacting Farmec, complying with the contact information, and without any subsequent obligation of either party to the other or without any party claiming the other damages.

Waiving the receipt of notifications does not imply waiving your approval on the Terms used.

Farmec reserves the right to select the persons to whom it will send notifications and the right to remove from its database any Client who has previously agreed to receiving notifications without any subsequent commitment from Farmec, or any prior notification thereof.

Farmec will not include in the notifications transmitted to the Client any other type of advertising material in the form of content regarding any third party that is not a partner of Famec, at the moment of sending the newsletter.

Any conflict rising between Farmec and another party is subject to amicable settlement. In the event that no common ground is reached by amicable settlement, jurisdiction lies with the Cluj-Napoca courts of law.

Farmec reserves the right to terminate the Site without any prior notice.

These Terms and any documents to which there is an express reference constitute the entire agreement between the Client and Farmec as to the subject of any Contract, superseding any other agreement or any other prior or verbal arrangement between the Client and Farmec .

Farmec reserves the right to make any changes to the present provisions, as well as any changes to the Site/its structure, including changes that may affect the Site and/or any content without the prior notice of the Client.
Farmec may not be held responsible for any errors found on the Site for any reason, including for any modification, setting etc. not made by the administrator of the Site.

To be applied starting with 25.05.2018